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Un Espacio Adecuado

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N_(gamma) is a bearing capacity factor for the load generated by the specific density of the material below the footing.
This is a very peculiar one, as you can see by the approximation simbol and the factor N that appears at the beginning, this is not an “exact” value of the factor. Hansen wrote about using the N=1.5 value in his time, but recent codes (such as the Eurocode) adopt “safer” (higher) values of N.
Just check for any fault lines!

He decidido cambiar el titulo, creo que “A Civil Engineering Life” sirvió para su tiempo, pero a su vez solo refleja una parte de quien soy. Mi URL son las iniciales de mi nombre (bueno, la primeras 3 letras) y aunque me sigue gustando mi carrera, hay cosas que quiero hablar y mostrar que no tiene mucha relación con el titulo.

"Un Espacio Adecuado" creo que es el titulo mas adecuado y representativo. Un lugar como mi pequeño álbum de recortes de mis cosas  (y personas) favoritas. 

TL;DR: I am alive, I decided to change my tumblr’s title to accomodate more content.

My Zune cover, a pretty clean LOST-like design.

Statics = Free Body Diagram Sudokus

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From the previous post, the Nc factor is a bearing capacity factor for the loads related to the cohesion of the soil below the footing.
As with Nc, this one is closely related to the angle of repose of the material. It’s quite something isn’t it?