Dialogue made on a late night sunday.

– It sure has been a long time. Don’t you miss it, the adventures of being a vagabond?

– I do remember them, they are nice memories. I will tell them about our old glories, when they have the age for it.

– I’m not saying that we relive old glories, just that we make new memories!

– What about my children? You know I can handle change, but they are just taking their first steps. The world is still new to them.

– They will live, they are kids, they adapt fast.

– Can you promise them safety?

– No. I really can’t. You know how it is.

– I know it. I can provide them the safety here, and I’m certain of it. That’s what I can do.

– I can’t believe you have settled so fast.

– I always wanted family, a warm place to rest and be loved. You always wondered what I stared in those windows, all scattered across the world, It was that, families together, at a table, at a living room, next to fireplaces. I just traded a life of adventure at the world at large for the adventure of life. Please, consider that.

– You can still have it, just in a way you haven’t imagined it. Just remember our old lemma.I still got the tattoo on my left ankle, next to our favorite pub’s name.

– “Everything’s possible”, but I’ll tell you to wait. This is not a choice I can take on my own.

– I’ll spend a week in this town, hope to see you again.

A small translation

A Luna.

Sex and Loneliness

L’amertume que j’inhale, et l’éloquence que j’exhale, j’admets qu’il tend assombrir mes lunettes.

Mais ça était bien jusqu’à le jour, que tu as venu à nettoyer la brouillard, et j’ai choisi d’aimer et avoir des regrets.

J’espère que tu comptes de ça, pendant que tu laisses-moi derrière.

Avec une sourire sans remords, pendant je me demande, bien sûr, si je serai capturé de souvenir, tous les taches de rousseur de votre peau.

À l’heure que la navire arrive, agitant les mains et sourires faciles, pour chaque cœur qu’il va.

- The Little Hands of Asphalt

Translated from English > Spanish > French.

Pierre Koenig's Stahl House (aka Case Study House #22) Case Study House #9 (Entenza House), 1950. Pacific Palisades, CA. Eames and Saarinen Pierre Koenig's Case Study House #21


LA’s Most Famous House Finally Makes the National Register

"The newly-landmarked include Pierre Koenig’s Stahl House (aka Case Study House #22), which might just be the most famous house in Los Angeles, thanks to a photograph by Julius Shulman, along with the Entenza House in Pacific Palisades and Koenig’s CSH #21 in the Hills.” - Adrian Glick Kudler of CURBED Los Angeles - Via: 1 | 2 | 3

N_(gamma) is a bearing capacity factor for the load generated by the specific density of the material below the footing.

This is a very peculiar one, as you can see by the approximation simbol and the factor N that appears at the beginning, this is not an “exact” value of the factor. Hansen wrote about using the N=1.5 value in his time, but recent codes (such as the Eurocode) adopt “safer” (higher) values of N.

He decidido cambiar el titulo, creo que “A Civil Engineering Life” sirvió para su tiempo, pero a su vez solo refleja una parte de quien soy. Mi URL son las iniciales de mi nombre (bueno, la primeras 3 letras) y aunque me sigue gustando mi carrera, hay cosas que quiero hablar y mostrar que no tiene mucha relación con el titulo.

"Un Espacio Adecuado" creo que es el titulo mas adecuado y representativo. Un lugar como mi pequeño álbum de recortes de mis cosas  (y personas) favoritas. 

TL;DR: I am alive, I decided to change my tumblr’s title to accomodate more content.